lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

What did you learn this time....?

Today in class a question was made: what have you learned during these 6 weeks ...?

The learnings have been many, and surely they are many more but for now they continue in the depths and at the appropriate time mature and come to light.

Here I share some of the treasures I have learned throughout this time attending daily school:

To get up happy and happy every morning at 5:28 am despite the early morning and fatigue some days accumulated.

To ride a motorcycle to go to class. I´m sure it is one of the most authentic experiences I have had here in India, and I enjoy and learn enormously every day. Your senses are especially sharpened and you develop a kind of intuition and inner security with yourself that you have to demonstrate at every roundabout, at each crossing and at each overtaking.

To have a faithful commitment to teaching, with the teacher, and with myself and all that this entails in the day to day during the 6 weeks; special diet, rest, schedule, study, individual practice.

To drink a liter of water followed after practice.

To overcome myself a little more each day, accepting my bodily and mental limits, and my physical and emotional attachments.

To know more deeply about my body, mind and spirit, and to understand as far as my limits reach.

To try to accept and gratefully accept physical pain during practice.

To observe my mind more closely and to be more aware of all the great inner movement in it.

To try to be a better student and person every day.

To trust life and the opportunities that come in life.

To be centered to the maximum to be able to follow the rhythm of each day.

Not to be so ashamed when I have to speak in public in another language that is not mine, thanks to that I have learned new vocabulary in English and maybe get to be able to direct a yoga class in English.

To overcome myself every day and to trust in my inner strength.

I have learnt to grow and expand. 

To be more understanding and tolerant of myself during these six weeks.

To live the practice with dedication, devotion, love, respect, sensitivity and humility.

And finally to learn to thank each day for the life that has provided this opportunity, being able to live this experience that I recommend to all people who feel the deepening of a deep dynamic of practice and all that it entails. Specially thanks to Acharya & Achare for sharing their deep knowledge y good actions, and the classmates of the course. I leave with my heart full of great learning and good feelings.

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